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30 Day ChiroPractice Pro Training

The 30 Day Training Module is designed so that at the end of your 30 Day Free Trial, you are comfortable and proficient in the ChiroPractice Pro EMR and Office Solution.

We give you daily videos that walk you through each individual component of the new Windows X interface. Then, you have simple assignments that allow you to compete a task that was discussed in the video. Instruct, then do. We think this is one of the best ways to learn because its hands on and practical.

We also have tasks built in to make sure there is nothing missed when you get started. If you’re going to use an EMR and Office Solution System, you have to have patients in your system. One of the first tasks we have you do is upload a list to your system so you can start working with your patients ASAP. We also have exams in the system, but we want you to practice with your own customized exams. We’ve developed an easy system to help you understand the power of customized notes, and be able to get this information to us so we can easily create a customized note for you.

So, if you’re ready to get started with your 30 Day Training, click on Day 1 and let’s get going!

Day 1

Overview Windows X

Windows: Understanding Better

Patient Search & List

Calendar Window

Schedule Window

Schedule Set Up Part 1

Schedule Set Up Part 2

Day 2

Clinic Setup


Billing Setup

Billing Insurance Through ChiroPractice Pro

Day 3

Completing an Exam

Exam and Billing Interaction

Exam and ICD10 Interaction

Billing Ledger

Day 4

Patient Pages

Back up

Help Center

Quick Pay

Day 5

Action Lists Window

Day 6

Communications Window

Day 7

Reports Window

Day 8

Video Conference with the ChiroPractice Pro Training Staff