Access Anywhere

It’s one of the great assets of having an EMR that is internet based. There are no strings attached to your electronic medical records and you can work from one office or multiple offices, with no additional charges.

We actually started ChiroPractice Pro when we decided to add an additional office in a workout center and we needed to be able to have one note system to access from both locations. Se we started to put together an integrated system that brought together ease of use and a system that could be accessed from anywhere.

I personally can’t stand doing notes at home, but some times it’s just unavoidable. If you get that last hour rush in the office, and you need to get home to see the family or spend time doing the things you love before it gets dark, you can logon right from home once the kids go to sleep, or when you’ve finished up your favorite activity and finish your notes.

The combinations and functions in ChiroPractice Pro are unlimited. It’s an intuitive and easy to use system designed to access anywhere you want to be.

We’d love for you to check out more about ChiroPractice Pro by giving our free demo a test drive. Check it out by clicking here. You’ll love the way it makes you feel and how easy it is to use.