Integration with a Smart EMR

Welcome back to another presentation from ChiroPractice Pro. Today we’re going to go over how powerful a smart system can be.

A smart system willI bring together your billing, notes, schedule, communication with your patients, and insurance submittal. It’s so powerful that it has the potential to not only change the way your office works, but make your office protocols so much more easy.

So let me walk you through a typical patient visit with ChiroPractice Pro:

Checking Patients In to The Office

Checking in patients can be as hands on or as hands free as you would like. You can customize your check-in to allow your front office staff do the work, or have a touchscreen terminal that lets your patient check check-in. It fits the feel of your office. If you have the patient checkin in on an iPad or kiosk, you could even set up a questionnaire to add to your daily SOAP note.

When your patient is check in, it automatically logs the time the patient enters the clinic so there is a record of this. The check-in could also be done manually from the schedule by the front office desk if this is easier for your office.

The Profile Page

When the patient is then brought back to the office room, the doctor can double click on the patients name on the schedule and have a default exam automatically loaded, or the doctor can single click on the patient and be taken to the patients profile page.

The profile page gives you everything you need to know to treat the patient in a safe and efficient manner. It has a patient picture, text area where the doctor or staff can put personal information that might not be included in the note (i.e. mother’s name, likes to play soccer, etc.), diagnosis codes, visit types and quantity, and quick access to see completed exams and notes.

Exam and Notes

From the patient profile page, you can then select what exam/note you want to complete and don’t forget, these are customizable exams and notes as you’ll see now.

Here’s an example of my daily SOAP note:
For my regular office visit, the note opens and I type in the patients story in the Subjective portion of my note. I do this with the patient because I want to make sure I don’t forget anything the patient says.

I complete my objective, input the findings in quick, easy click boxes.

My Assessment of the patient is brought in from the previous note I did and I am able to modify this with any new information, but still be able to keep the same information from what I’ve done with the patient in the past so medico-legally, you can see where I’ve been with the patient, and I put in my future plans so anyone can know where I am going with my patient. This is an essential part of medico-legal compliance.

My Plan is made up of boxes I can click and I have templates for different areas of manipulation or soft tissue mobilization, as well as taping or an exercise program that I have my patients completing.

Automatic Billing

But my Plan does not stop working there. When I hit the save button, what I filled out in the plan automatically generates CPT codes and a line item in the patients billing area.

The billing area is smart in that It automatically takes the information from the last visit (for example, if you need a -59 modifier on your soft tissue mobilization) and fills in that billing line so you don’t have to modify it prior to billing.

This is the most powerful portion of ChiroPractice Pro and we want you to completely understand how this works. When you sign up for the free 30 day trial, we’ll walk you through this portion of the system so you can see how powerful this smart feature is.

Submitting Insurance the Easy Way

Another powerful integration of ChiroPractice Pro is in the billing area. At the end of the day, you can select all of the day’s charges and bill them at the same time. ChiroPractice Pro does a quick check to see if you have errors and then submits the charges to the clearing house, or notifies you of any errors so you can correct them and then re-submit.

The clearing house also does a check on the submitted insurance and it notifies you immediately, electronically, if there are any issues.

There are a ton of great features already built in to ChiroPractice Pro, but we know you want to document the way you want to document and we want to help you get there.

Try It Out for Free

When you sign up for our free 30 day trial, we will set up a time to walk you through the basics of how ChiroPractice Pro works, and then you can see for yourself how easy it is to get started. And don’t worry, because we’ll be there for you to walk you through every part of the process.

So click here to sign up for the free 30 day trial…we’re here with you every step of the way.