Patient Search & List Window

The patient list window allows you to select a patient by searching for their name or patient number. Simply type the name or number into the search box and a list will populate below. When  you select a name from the list, the information bar at the top of the page will show the patients name and patient number. It will also show the patients information in other windows such as the patient data or billing information.

The patient list window has two options in the settings. The first is the size. This controls the text size of the search box and the search

The second option is a checkbox that will show search letters. Clicking a letter will bring up a list that corresponds to the start of the first or last name of the patient.

Below the list is a button and a check box. The button labeled “New” will create a new patient number and bring up a blank patient data window so that you can fill out their information.

Lastly, there is a check box labeled archive. When checked it will only display patients that are archived. If not checked it will only display the active patients.