Understanding The Quick Pay Window

The Quick Pay window allows you to add payments to the system quickly without using the Billing Ledger Window.

The payments in this window are assigned to the selected patient, so make sure you select the patient before putting the payment in. You can select the patient from the Schedule Window or from the Patient Search Window.

The first two buttons are similar, in that they are for a single date. The co-pay automatically fills in the copay from the Patient Data Window and adds the co-pay note. The Self-pay is used for all other payments not associated with insurance.

For our system, we use two dates for billing transactions: the date of service and the date of action. All transactions are based on the date of service or when the patient receives care. The date of action is when the transaction takes place.

There are other options as well such as the location, a note for the tansaction, and the payment type: CASH, Check or CC. We also give you the option of utilizing our credit card partner so credit card processing can be integrated in with your system. You can swipe a credit card directly into ChiroPractice Pro and process the credit card. It removes the need for having additional credit card processing equipment. We have more information on this and you can contact us for more information.

There’s also an option to do a manual credit card input or just log the payment as a credit card (CC-Other).

The DOS button allows you to enter payment for multiple dates of service and allows you to assign Specific CPT code payments.

The final button, Insurance, allows you to quickly enter EOB payment information from the insurance company. Each DOS will have the CPT and charge information associated with it.

As always, if you have any questions send us a support request, or email us at info@chiropracticepro.com.