Billing Insurance Part IV

Billing Insurance Part IV: Printing A Claim

Part IV Printing Paper Claims and files

There are a few ways of printing insurance claims and we’ll start with a CMS1500 Print image. There are two options for the two versions of the CMS1500, the 2006 version and the 2012 version.

From the 5010 Claim form click […]

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Billing Setup

Billing Setup

The Clinic Setup deals with general clinic information and setup for the system. It’s the first tab in the Setup Window.

The first portion of the Clinic Setup is the Name, Address and Contact Information for the clinic.

Next is the Time Zone. This makes sure the time displayed in the system is […]

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Quick Pay Window

Understanding The Quick Pay Window

The Quick Pay window allows you to add payments to the system quickly without using the Billing Ledger Window.

The payments in this window are assigned to the selected patient, so make sure you select the patient before putting the payment in. You can select the patient from the […]

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Billing Leger

Billing Ledger Walkthrough

In this video we are going to review the Billing Ledger.

In the settings for this window, there is only one option, the size of the Ledger table. The default is 12 and you can set this value larger or smaller depending on your preference.

When the Auto Update setting for this window […]

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ChiroPractice Pro, Integration with A Smart EMR

Integration with a Smart EMR

Welcome back to another presentation from ChiroPractice Pro. Today we’re going to go over how powerful a smart system can be.

A smart system willI bring together your billing, notes, schedule, communication with your patients, and insurance submittal. It’s so powerful that it has […]

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