Windows X Overview

The Window X version of ChiroPractice Pro utilizes advanced web design to simulate a desktop environment.

It’s a website, but does not navigate like a website with the forward and back buttons like a traditional website.

Instead, it’s a self-contained interactive website that is customizable to the way you need to use it. It’s made up of windows similar to program windows on your pc or laptop.

Each window is resizable and moveable. This gives you the flexibility to set up your system exactly the way you like it and allows you to have the information you need, when you need it.

So let’s take a look around…

On the left is an area we call  “the dock”. You can minimize or lower windows into the dock and store a window for later use. The color and the icon of the window will show up in the dock when you put a window there. If you hover over the dock, it will show you the name of the window that is docked there.

At the top of the screen is our information bar. It contains information like the selected date or patient.

There’s also a permanent set of buttons in the information bar that will help you use the system.

The first button is a toggle for the news window. This is where you find current information on new features, updates and a lot more.

The second button creates a sticky note. This note can be placed anywhere on your desktop and stays there until you delete it. Put reminders, phone numbers, to-do list or anything you need.

The third button opens our help center. In here you can search through the documentation and tours, or submit a help ticket.

The fourth button opens the settings center. The settings center provides access to all the setting in ChiroPractice Pro. We’ll do a rundown in another video on the setup center.

The fifth button creates a new window. And finally, the last button logs you out. Don’t worry all your windows will stay just where you put them for use when you log back in.

That’s an overview of the Windows X layout. If you have any questions, let

us know in the help area or send us an email at