Streamlining Patient Flow

Streamlining Patient Care

Welcome back to another ChiroPractice Pro Case Study. Today we’re going over a case study on how we improved patient flow at Johnson’s Chiropractic Clinic.

What can your EMR/Office Solution do to save you time and money? Read more to find out how we helped one office save time and $6,000 per year with one customized report in this high volume practice.

What Was The Problem?

Dr. Johnson’s staff at Johnson’s Chiropractic Clinic was manually printing the schedule and filling out travel cards that the patients would use as they moved around the office as they were evaluated and treated. These cards were then used by the staff to input patient encounters into ChiroPractice Pro.

Each morning, Dr. Johnson’s staff was spending 1.5 man hours to manually fill out the travel cards. The office staff was searching through each patients file and filling out the patient data that was needed. This information included the following:

  • Name
  • Time of visit
  • Insurance data
  • Scheduled services

Over the course of the year, this time cost added up to just under $6,000 in salary expenses. Not only was this a monetary expense for Dr. Johnson’s office, it was also costing time in which the staff could be supporting patient care.

The ChiroPractice Pro Solution

Dr. Johnson called our office looking for a better way to utilize the data that was already in his system.

We created their office a customized report that output all of the information that they needed on an easy to use form. There was no longer a need to go through each person’s file and extract the information. The front office staff could print it out and it took less than 1 minute to get this information.

Because Dr. Johnson’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for his office was to have the patient cary information with them throughout the office, we also created a custom travel card with the above information.

We were able to do this special travel card because of the way the Report section is linked to the Communications section in ChiroPractice Pro. We created a “letter” that used the information from the report to generate a custom travel card that they could print right from the system, eliminating the manual transfer of data altogether.

This eliminated 1.5 hours of salary time each and every day, and over the course of the year, saved them $6,000.

We could also have printed the last patient encounter on the special travel card so the doctor and staff could see what happened during the last encounter. Some other information that could also be put on the card could be personal information like the patients children’s names, favorite sport, or even a dog/cat’s name so there is a more personalized encounter with your patient.

The Results

The results were freed time to concentrate on patients which streamlines patient care and office function.

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