Your SOAP Note Home

We’ve put together a place where you can find all of the information we’ve done on SOAP notes. We haven’t found anyone that loves doing daily documentation, but it is a must for any provider that wants to care for their patients and protect themselves legally.

We’ve also made it […]


System Security

System Security in ChiroPractice Pro

Centers for Medicare and Medicade Services (CMS) have implemented what’s called “The Security Rule” or Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information. This is codified in Federal regulations as 45 CF Part 160 and Part 164 Subparts A and C.

What this means to you and […]

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Schedule Window: Day View

Schedule Window: Day View

The options for the day schedule found in the settings is to select one or more schedules that you have setup in your system.

At the top of the schedule is the name of the schedule, the current date and two icons.
The first icon allows you to create a note […]

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