Episode 8: Getting Started in Personal Injury

Welcome to Episode 8 of the ChiroPractice Pro Podcast. Our free giveaway today is Getting Started in Personal Injury with these 5 easy and actionable steps. Click here to download and get started on your PI journey.

Download 5 Easy Ways to Get Started in Personal Injury Today!

In this episode, we discussed the Ichthus Injury Network that Dr. Kent Choi directs. You can find out more about his network here: https://www.ichthusinjurynetwork.com

You can also call or text Dr. Kent Choi at 714-606-5330. He asked that you call so take advantage of this resource.

Check out this flyer for his event in Atlanta on August 18 2018.

Welcome to Episode 8 of the ChiroPractice Pro Podcast. On today’s episode, we discuss how to get started in personal injury, the best practices for personal injury, and some interesting components of personal injury that you may not have considered.

Our special guest is Dr. Kent Choi, founder of Ichsthus Injury Network. Dr. Choi has spent many years developing resources designed to make personal injury leaders from chiropractors. His straightforward approach will help you understand PI better, and decide if Personal Injury is right for you.

As our free gift to you, we’ve put together a special PDF download that will help you differentiate yourself from your peers starting today. Download the Personal Injury Quick Start Guide at chiropracticepro.com/episode8, that’s chiropracticepro.com/episode8, and that’s the number 8. In 2 minutes, you’ll have a actionable plan to put in place today.

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Now, let’s get started with Dr. Kent Choi from ichthusinjurynetwork.com on the ChiroPractice Pro Podcast.