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3 Reasons ICD-10 Will Rock!

3 Reasons ICD-10 Will Rock!3 Reasons ICD-10 Will Rock!

What?!? Changing to ICD-10 will rock? Actually, it will, because it allows you as a provider to do some really amazing things with your documentation.

CMS is responsible for the regulations surrounding the diagnosis and treatment coding. The diagnosis […]

3 Reasons ICD-10 Will Rock!2015-08-26T20:47:13+00:00

ICD-10 is Coming!

ICD-10 Conversion Tool from ChiroPractice ProICD-10 is coming. It’s been delayed several times, but it does not appear to be getting pushed out again. The deadline for converting to ICD-10 from ICD-9 is October 1st. ChiroPractice Pro […]

ICD-10 is Coming!2015-08-20T21:21:49+00:00

How To Set Up A Schedule

How to Set Up A Schedule

Setting up a schedule is one of the most important items you’ll do in ChiroPractice Pro. Setting up the schedule correctly helps you get patients with the right doctor, at the right time, and at the right location.

We also need to make sure your schedule template is set up […]

How To Set Up A Schedule2017-10-07T12:03:05+00:00

ChiroPractice Pro, Integration with A Smart EMR

Integration with a Smart EMR

Welcome back to another presentation from ChiroPractice Pro. Today we’re going to go over how powerful a smart system can be.

A smart system willI bring together your billing, notes, schedule, communication with your patients, and insurance submittal. It’s so powerful that it has […]

ChiroPractice Pro, Integration with A Smart EMR2015-08-07T22:17:40+00:00

Documentation in ChiroPractice Pro

Customization is one of the most important parts of ChiroPractice Pro, but at times it can be difficult to grasp the concept of how powerful this can be. Our goal, is to help walk you through this process and make it an easy transition for you and your office.

When we talk to our customers, they […]

Documentation in ChiroPractice Pro2015-07-25T16:05:37+00:00

Assessment: What’s Your Thoughts?

Assessment: What’s Your Thoughts?

Welcome back to our series on documentation and patient notes. Don’t forget to check out our other SOAP note posts…you can check them out here:

So what’s the purpose of the Assessment?

We see so many times that it goes like this:

Patient tolerated treatment well and will continue […]

Assessment: What’s Your Thoughts?2017-09-02T17:27:35+00:00