Reports Window

Reports are a great way to keep track of all your clinic data. From AR reports to birthdays, if the data is in the system, we can create a report.

To use the Report Window, simply select the report that you want from the list of available reports in the Window Settings.

If there are any variables or options that you need to input they will display first. After selecting the option you need click the Continue button.

Another unique feature of the reports are the connection with the Communications Window. Each list created in the reports gives you three options: email, letter or text. Clicking these with a Communications Window open (and set to auto update) will highlight the patients in the communication list. All you have to do at this point is select the appropriate email, letter or text to be sent, and send to the patients.

There are several reports included with ChiroPractice Pro, but reports should be customized to provide exactly what you need. If you need a custom report simply send us a support request from the Help Center with the details or the report that you would like to see and we’ll make it happen.