Training Modules is an area where we teach our customers how to use and integrate ChiroPractice Pro into their practice.

Setup: Clinic Setup

Setup: Clinic Setup

The Clinic setup deals with general clinic information and setup for the system. It’s the first tab in the Setup Window.

The first portion of the Clinic setup is the Name, Address and Contact Information for the clinic.

Next is the Time Zone. This makes sure the time displayed in the system is […]

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Quick Pay Window

Understanding The Quick Pay Window

The Quick Pay window allows you to add payments to the system quickly without using the Billing Ledger Window.

The payments in this window are assigned to the selected patient, so make sure you select the patient before putting the payment in. You can select the patient from the […]

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Billing Leger

Billing Ledger Walkthrough

In this video we are going to review the Billing Ledger.

In the settings for this window, there is only one option, the size of the Ledger table. The default is 12 and you can set this value larger or smaller depending on your preference.

When the Auto Update setting for this window […]

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Calendar Window

Calendar Window

The calendar window controls the current date in the system. You select a new date by clicking on the corresponding day on the calendar. This will automatically update schedule and billing windows. To change the month click the arrows on either side of the month name.

The current day is shown at the top of this window […]

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Patient Search & List

Patient Search & List Window

The patient list window allows you to select a patient by searching for their name or patient number. Simply type the name or number into the search box and a list will populate below. When  you select a name from the list, the information bar at the top of the […]

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Windows X Overview

Windows X Overview

The Window X version of ChiroPractice Pro utilizes advanced web design to simulate a desktop environment.

It’s a website, but does not navigate like a website with the forward and back buttons like a traditional website.

Instead, it’s a self-contained interactive website that is customizable to the way you need to use it. […]

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Understanding Windows Better

Understanding Windows Better

Let’s talk a little bit about the individual windows. Each one is similar in design. Along the top is the window header. This shows the window type icon and the name of the window.

At the right side of the header is the minimize, maximize and the action buttons. The minimize button sends the window to […]

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How To Set Up A Schedule

How to Set Up A Schedule

Setting up a schedule is one of the most important items you’ll do in ChiroPractice Pro. Setting up the schedule correctly helps you get patients with the right doctor, at the right time, and at the right location.

We also need to make sure your schedule template is set up […]

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